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Jan 23

Pregnancy & Addy Lane’s Arrival Part 3

So… Since I have not blogged in a year I decided it was probably time to finish blogging about Addy Lane’s arrival before the arrival of our next child in three weeks or less. CRAZY! Maybe when she is two I’ll blog about her arrival. Seriously. Addy Lane is TWO. Where has time gone?!? Today is the first time I’ve had more than three minutes to sit down at my computer without 8 million things to do. I’ve actually finished all my editing… that never happens… and I’m doing laundry for the new baby while Addy Lane is at my mother-in-laws. I haven’t had a day this simple in 2 years… Hopeful to have more simple days and hopeful to actual start blogging in 2015. So many memories I want to write down, so many hilarious stories I want to share. Maybe every day will just be a throwback thursday. Well, it’s Friday, but we will flash back to Addy Lane’s birthday where we left off…

If you haven’t read Part 1 or Part 2, you should probably do that.

So the Doctor decided that it was best to proceed with a C-section. I was ready so at that point I didn’t really care how she got out as long as she was out and it was all over. Once he made the call like 5-7 people rushed in the room to start preparing me for surgery. This was super scary. They just start tugging on you, hooking things up, putting things on, taking things off, SHAVING YOU, and then some random person asks you how you feel and starts giving you drugs all in like a 5 second period.

I remember, which I’m assuming now was the nurse anesthetist repeatedly asking me how I was feeling. How was I feeling? I feel like a freaking crazy person. Instead of saying that I just replied, “I’m Okay.” She said. “Okay? I don’t know what that means.” Haha. Apparently, I was not specific enough for her to dose me with whatever she felt like giving me. I finally replied “A little nauseous…” This was the understatement of the century considering they had put me on my back which made me incredibly nauseous and the fact that I felt like I was going to throw up because of all the people all over me and the reality that I was legit about to have a baby and major surgery. I left all that out and went with “A little nauseous.” She must have dosed me with something because I started to feel better but I kept my eyes closed as they wheeled me down the hall to the operating room.

For some reason the thought of that little walk down the hall scared the crap out of me and I thought it would be less scary if I just kept my eyes closed. When I finally opened them I was staring up at huge lights and legit felt like I was in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Not only was what I was seeing just like in the show but the tons of people in the room were having random conversation about some game and talking about their day. WHAT?!? SERIOUSLY!? You people DO KNOW that I’m about to have MAJOR surgery and HAVE A BABY!!! It is crazy to me that it can be such a huge moment to one person and just a mundane job that someone does every day all at the same time.

This photo is Adam’s view has we waited to be allowed into the operating room. There is something about it I just love. Anxiousness. Emptiness. I can’t imagine what he was feeling at this time…

I finally saw Adam all cute in his green scrubs. He looked about how I felt. Scared to death and a little nauseous.

This flash of a smile for the camera is a legit lie. HAHA.

Then apparently they started to CUT. Ummmmmm “I FEEL THAT!” I started to yell a little. I started to feel stuff. Not just pressure, it felt like someone was stabbing me with needles or shots. The doctors stopped and I could tell the anesthesiologist was freaking out a bit. They started asking me what I could and couldn’t feel and blah blah. They determined I was not feeling anything but pressure. WRONG. Needles and Pressure are two distinctly different things. Those FOUR epidurals were clearly not in the right spot. Now, I’m not saying I was feeling my surgery but I was feeling pain I should NOT have been feeling. That’s super fun to top off everything else I’d been thorough that day. I continued to tell them I feel that but apparently they just kept going. I looked at Adam, he was WHITE as snow. The smell of my cauterizing flesh was getting to him. I told him to step out for a second. He didn’t want to, but he popped his head out of the door to grab a breath of fresh air and as he walked back in they lifted our sweet baby girl up over the curtain. SHE WAS HERE!!! I just laid there crying. I remember asking if she was okay and the doctor said she was perfect.

They brought her over for me to see her and I got to give her a sweet kiss through my tears and then they took her away.

I told Adam to go with her and then I’m pretty sure I passed out. OUT. The nurse anesthetist told me later that they gave me 3 times the normal amount they give. Haha. Awesome. When I woke up I was feeling no pain.

The next thing I remember was Adam waking me up in recovery and telling me they wanted me to breast feed. I remember laughing saying “Well is someone going to show me what to do?” I was so out of it.

(These pics are from recovery, my first time holding her, even though I don’t really remember…)

Proud Grandmas. The next couple of hours of family were a blur. I know we finally got into our room around 10:30 or 11:00 pm, a whole 24 hours after my water had broken.

This photo of Adam makes me laugh out loud. TIRED is an understatement of the century. 24 hours after my water broke on a rollercoster and finally holding his sweet baby girl. The photo on the right is our first photo we texted to friends and family. So sweet.

After everyone left I must have fallen asleep or passed out. I remember breast feeding, beeping monitors, pain medicines, crazy blowup things on my legs, and sleep. I finally woke up at 3:00 am and called the nurse to bring me my baby. I hadn’t even looked at her, hardly even held her. I know I had but I was so drugged I really didn’t realize she was mine. She was here. She was safe. She was healthy. They brought her to me and I just cried and prayed and thanked the Lord for my precious baby. A moment I’ll never forget. Probably the one that most Mom’s feel when they first have their baby and hold them on their chest. My experience was obviously a little different and my “overwhelming love” reaction delayed but wonderful just the same.

Let’s just take a moment to reflect on the BEFORE & AFTER. Seriously. This says it all. I mean, I can’t believe I’m even posting this… Is it possible to look worse. Oh well. It’s our first pic as a family of three…

The hospital people take pics of your baby. Yes, I’m a photographer. Yes, I’m a sucker. I bought them.

This is my sweet Doctor who came to visit. LOVE HIM. I’m so hopeful he’s able to perform my second C-section. If baby #2 comes on her scheduled date and doesn’t get all crazy and come early like her sister.

This is the Doctor who actually delivered Addy Lane. LOVE HIM too. We were SO blessed to have so MANY friends and family visit. Here’s a few of all our visitors.

I’m not going to lie. I actually LOVED the time we spent in the hospital. It was so fun having friends and family visit. We got so pampered by the nurses and I actually enjoyed the food.

My mom got sick the day after she was born and I made her wear a mask and gloves to hold her. CRAZY GERMAPHOBE. Yep. Having a baby in flu season, the struggle is real.

One quick story about our first few days of parenting… So… We opted for a room where we could send the baby to the nursery. Since we hadn’t slept, keeping her with us wasn’t really a sane option. It was great, they took her when I wanted to sleep at night and we kept her during the day. Well about the third day we were there I remember the nurse came in and said she was hungry and she needed to be changed. Adam and I looked at each other and bust out laughing in shock. We had been there for 3 days and had not changed our baby. BAHHHHAHAH. Apparently it didn’t dawn on us that we needed to do that. New parents. Yikes. Thank heavens for the nurses that changed her all those times before we realized that was our responsibility. Parental FAIL. So as we are laughing we go to change her together, our first parental duty. As we are changing her she decided to poop mid change. We are hysterically laughing and screaming as she is pooping everywhere. Alarms start going off… We were so flustered  with poop and laughing and yelling “EW” at each other we didn’t notice the sirens. Nurses came rushing in making sure the baby was there and kept asking us if this was our baby. We were so confused. What!? We’re just trying to change her. Apparently in the midst of our first change the baby monitor they attach to her foot to keep someone from stealing her had come off. It sounded an alarm over the unit that someone was trying to take a baby. It was pretty much the best first parental moment ever and one we will never forget…

I got my real camera out for a quick family selfie and couple pics before we left…

We loved this little hat someone knitted and gave her in the nursery.

Proud Daddy.

And then they sent us home…

The angle of our carseat was all wrong. She was early. We weren’t prepared… SO I held her carseat at the right angle the whole way home… Totally safe. I’m sure.

We had more amazing visitors when we got home…

and then life with a newborn began….

 Thanks for reading this ridiculously LONG blog post. It was nice to reminisce on the birth of our sweet and sassy baby girl. I can’t believe we are about to do it all over again. I’m not going to lie, I truly hope the whole experience is completely different, but I love this story. It’s hers. It’s ours.