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Pregnancy & Addy Lane’s Arrival Part 2

My sweet Addy Lane turns ONE tomorrow! I can’t believe how the time as flown by. I figured I should go ahead and finish her birth story. Okay, so if you missed Part 1 of this story, you can check it out below. If you are a guy, you may want to pass on this post….and if you are pregnant you may want to wait until after you have your baby. I’ll try and keep some of the awesomest details to your imagination…

So we continue the story where we left off…   Side note: Don’t judge my grammar, spelling, etc. It will probably get worse. (I seriously just misspelled grammar, thank goodness for the little red line to correct me.)

11:15 pm Tuesday, December 4th.

Me: “Awe Man, I just peed again…”  Adam: “GET OUT OF THE BED!!”

Apparently my husband wasn’t keen on me wetting the bed. Due to my previous bladder control, neither one of us thought my water had actually broken. (In my defense, it totally felt the same) I slowly got out of bed as my husband shook his head annoyed. Luckily, I hadn’t gotten the sheets wet, so I changed grabbed a towel to sleep on and got back into bed. Then it happened again… and again. By the third time I called my Mom who was sure my water had NOT broken. I was really the girl who cried wolf, or baby. (Side Note: Googling it is stupid because it feels different to every person so you have no clue what to expect. No help there.)

After I got off the phone with my Mom (who told me to go back to bed) I started to freak out because water was still coming. Adam got up to use the restroom in our guest bathroom because I had pretty much wrecked ours. I ran after him starting to panic and stood in the hall way telling him I think this might actually be for real because water keeps coming out.

“Well get off the carpet!!!” He yelled. Seriously, your worried about the carpet at a time like this!! (I felt like Allan in the Hangover when Phil told him to put on some pants.) I stepped into the bathroom and then my water broke all over the floor. As we looked at each other, sort of in shock and sort of laughing, Adam said “I don’t think you peed.”

12:00 am

We decided it was time to call the doctor. The doctor on call was clearly annoyed to be answering the phone at midnight. He sounded like he was still asleep. He asked me if my contractions had started yet, I replied no, and he said just to wait and go to the hospital at 6:00 am… OKAY- HOLD UP. Really!? It didn’t really register until I hung up the phone, but COME ON. I’m a first time mom, my water has just broken, you answer the phone annoyed and half asleep and your like just wait and go in at 6:00 am. Sorry to disturb your sleep Doc. Anyway…

No more than 5 minutes after I got off the phone my contractions started. And when they started they started 5 minutes apart. NOT COOL.The first 5 or 6 weren’t too bad and then they started to majorly suck. I was having back labor and never even had a contraction in my stomach, only my back. I’m convinced this hurts worse than normal labor. I decided we should probably go ahead and get ready to head to the hospital, a whole 45 minutes after the doctor told us to wait until 6:00 am. Ha. We were pretty calm and laughing in between contractions because everything was quite comical. Adam was straightening the house and doing the dishes as I was hunched over having contractions on the coffee table. I couldn’t help but laugh in between contractions in the shower because it was just like a movie. This was really happening, I was really gripping the walls of the shower having contractions as I washed my hair. This was not the contractions every 15-20 minutes you walk around to make things progress, this was YOU ARE IN LABOR NOW. At least my bags were already in the car…

1:00 am

By the time we had got in the car my contractions were 3-5 min apart (per the handy timer on Adam’s iphone). My Mom called back to check on me. I hadn’t taken her “go back to bed” advice so I was going to wait an call her once I gotten to the hospital and confirmed labor before waking everyone up. She was describing how she really didn’t think I was in labor, and asking me a bunch of questions. I was holding the phone away from my ear and gripping the handle bar above the door (now I know those are for more than your dry-cleaning). She then started asking me what it felt like… I yelled… “IT FREAKING HURTS, MOM!!!!” I threw the phone to Adam and I’m sure he told her we’d call her as soon as we got to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital which was pretty much on lock down this late in the evening. So we had to go to the super sketchy ER. I was pretty awesome to have contractions in the parking garage. Even more awesome to have contractions in the elevator with our police escort up to Labor and Delivery… Since I’d to Labor and delivery before we knew what to do, but this time was way different. All I could think about was the pain and I’m sure the way I was acting they thought I was crowning. Nope, only like 2 cm, but I was definitely in labor and my water had broken. They began the process of admitting me. I don’t remember much more of the check in because the contractions were so intense and every 3 minutes…. but I DO remember this. The nurse went to put in my IV I don’t remember how many times she stuck me, but I do know that blood was running down my arm and I knew it was A LOT. I heard her quietly say to the other nurse, “I can’t get it to stop.” SERIOUSLY!? The other nurse quietly told her what to do to make it stop and then they told me they were going to have to change my sheets because they were quite bloody. Nice way to start my journey to motherhood.

I don’t remember much of the couple of hours before my parents arrived because they were a pain filled blur. I do know it was probably the most miserable hours of my life. I couldn’t sit on my back because the back pain was so unbearable and it made me want to throw up, so I laid on my side or sat up. In a gown, I’m sure my big ‘ole pregnant behind was out for all the nurses to see but I could not have cared one bit. I just remember gripping the handle and breathing through the pain as Adam watched the monitor and told me it was almost over. At some point they gave me Demerol (yeah I have no idea how to spell that). It was supposed to take the “edge” off. I’d been begging for drugs for hours. The nurse conveniently told me they were out of the drug that would help more but they could give me this. Gee THANKS. I was so mad when they gave me the drugs, it did NOT help with the pain, it just made me drunk between contractions, the only 3 minutes of sanity I had were now drunken. Awesome.

6:00 am

My parents arrived shortly after 6:00 am, dressed in pink and all excited. I was not up for excitement. I was in pain, serious pain. I do remember the ONE time Adam did not get up and help coach me through, hold my hand and tell me when it was over I yelled at him, I cried and yelled and screamed for him to HELP ME, PLEASE HELP ME. Gah, I was that girl. My mom and dad were in the room as the pain kept getting more intense, I was breathing through my contractions and blowing out through my mouth. My dad turned to me and said, “What’s with all the blowing?” I flipped out and yelled for everyone to GET OUT!! My mom said that my sister was on the way. I told my mom she had to wait, I said I can not handle Jolliness right now. No one can be happy right now, she can not come until after I get the epidural AND she better NOT bring food. I was starving and wasn’t allowed to eat anything.  I wouldn’t say I was super pleasant, I’d been up all night with contractions every 3 minutes, back labor, drunken drugs, my father making fun of my labor breathing, and I was hungry. I was NOT happy. Can somebody get a girl a Diet Coke!?

8:30 am

WHERE’S THE EPIDURAL!?! Okay, I was not one of those pregnant women that wanted to go through labor without drugs. Where were the drugs? I was begging for them. It had been almost eight hours with contractions every 3 minutes, where are my drugs? I never got an answer on why I had to wait so long for the epidural. I’d love for a nurse to comment below, was I not far along enough? Do you have to be a certain number of cm before they’ll give it to you? or was he just NOT there? I got the feeling he was not there. FINALLY, he came in to give me the good stuff. I had a bad feeling when he walked in with his Carolina scrub cap (had to throw that in there.) I hunched over my nurse as he gave me the shot of litocain and began to give the epidural. He couldn’t get it in. Were going to try again. Okay, another shot of litocain, and another GIANT needle in my back. Nope, still can’t get it in. Third shot of litocain, third giant needle. I remember yelling in pain and the doc saying “you can feel that?” my reply “H*LL YES, I can feel that.” In my head I was thinking, you digging a giant needle in my back trying to find the part of my spine you want to put it in, yes I feel that. Fourth shot of litocain. STILL NOT IN. Fifth shot of litocain. FOURTH GIANT NEEDLE. I just remember crying and crying as he put it in. I don’t think it actually hurt (other than the shots of litocain, those hurt.) but I was just so miserable I just gripped my nurse hugging her while I cried. Fourth epidural, finally in. WHEW! The doctor then said “You can play connect the dots on your back.” I replied. “You’re Fired.”

Finally relief. After the epidural labor was pretty fun. Other than the fact that I was hungry. Adam’s family arrived, my sister came in all jolly and we laughed as we told stories of the previous hours. It was a pretty fun day once the pain was gone. I wasn’t weird about people being in the room (as long as they didn’t have food.) We laughed and waited and waited and waited. I was progressing and we thought we’d have a baby by 3:00 or 4:00. Then all the sudden everything stopped. By 5:00 the doctors were concerned because her head was molding and she wasn’t looking like she was going to fit. Are you kidding me… after all that she’s not going to fit. I was pretty sad. My mom and sister both had C-sections and I really wanted to be the first female in my family to deliver a baby naturally, or at least try. I knew it was a long shot, I expected a c-section, but I was hopeful for a natural birth. I was only 8cm and I didn’t even get to push. When your water breaks they don’t really want you to labor more than 24 hours for risk of infection. The doctor told me I could labor for a couple more hours if I wanted but it would probably end in a c-section no matter what. At that point, I was DONE. I had been there for almost 24 hours and no baby. Cut her out doc.

Stay tuned for Part 3 where we will meet Addy Lane!!! It’s so crazy to me that this story started at 11:00 tonight. wow, time flies.

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